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Lusan Mandongus Bromley
Lusan Mandongus Bromley

Lusan Mandongus Wedding Dresses

Revel in the star-lit creations of Lusan Mandongus― where you will find a world of wedding dresses glamour and refinement.

The story began a quarter century ago when one girl and a trio of guys met on their journey of fashion studies. Inspired by a gamut of distinguished novels, music, art and films, they soaked up their moods, cultures and experiences to craft their own artistic perspectives.

While each of the quartet’s voices may favour a different approach, they are nevertheless in firm agreement on philosopher René Descartes’ statement of “Je pense, donc je suis” (I think, therefore I am), an attitude that ignite their collective styles. From that moment, the first sparks of Lusan Mandongus came to life.

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